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To ensure availability, we highly recommend booking our PA systems in advance due to their popularity.

We offer two excellent options for PA system hire:

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  • Power PA:

    Experience versatility and power with our Power PA system. Equipped with an 800w amplifier, it delivers exceptional sound quality through two speakers and offers 10 inputs for various audio sources.

    This system is suitable for a wide range of events, whether you need to amplify a standard microphone or accommodate a live band. It is also compatible with iPhones, iPads, and iPods, allowing you to easily play your own music playlists at an amplified volume.

  • Battery Operated PA System:

    Our second option is a highly functional PA system that comes with the added benefit of being battery powered. This makes it ideal for outdoor events where power sources may not be readily available. Enjoy quality sound without the limitations of power constraints.

    Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your event with our exceptional PA systems. Contact us now to secure your booking in Port Macquarie, Hastings, and the Mid-North Coast.

Range of Impressive Features

We are pleased to offer two units of our exceptional sound systems for hire, featuring a range of impressive features:

  • Built-in CD Player: Set the perfect ambiance during dinner or registrar signing with the convenience of a built-in CD player, allowing you to play background music effortlessly.

  • iPod Compatibility: Connect your iPod seamlessly to our sound systems, enabling you to play your favourite playlists and curated music selections.

  • Battery Life and Power Source Flexibility: Our units have a battery life of approximately 6-8 hours, providing uninterrupted sound throughout your event. If a power source is available, they can also be conveniently run directly from it. Enjoy the flexibility to choose the power option that suits your needs.

  • Impressive Sound Coverage: In outdoor situations, our battery-operated units can deliver sound coverage of up to approximately 50 meters on a good day. This is more than sufficient for most event setups, ensuring clear and adequate sound projection.

Due to their popularity, we strongly recommend booking these sound systems in advance to secure availability for your desired date. Enquire today to take your event to the next level with our top-notch sound systems.

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