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Lighting plays a crucial role in transforming your space, expanding its functionality, and creating a captivating atmosphere. Whether it's your marquee, event grounds, backyard, dance floor, or stage, proper lighting enhances every aspect of your venue.

Our marquee lighting options are designed to impress. Experience the grace and elegance of Rice Paper Lighting, beautifully placed under a silk lining, perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your reception or formal event. For more practical occasions, we also offer standard lighting without the silk lining, ensuring versatility to suit your specific needs.

Not only does our lighting selection elevate the aesthetic appeal, but it also improves safety. Well-lit areas reduce the risk of accidents and enhance visibility for your guests, providing peace of mind throughout your event.

Transform your space into a mesmerising and safe environment in Port Macquarie, Hastings, and the Mid-North Coast with our exceptional marquee lighting solutions.

Lighting Solutions

In addition to our standard and rice paper marquee lighting, we offer a range of lighting solutions to cater to your specific needs and create a captivating atmosphere:

  • Large flood lighting: Illuminate the area outside the marquee or the amenities with powerful floodlights, ensuring visibility and safety.

  • Small flood lighting: Add a warm glow to your backyard or similar spaces with small floodlights, creating a cozy ambiance.

  • Festoon Lighting or Party Lighting: These lights, spaced approximately 1 meter apart and available in clear or coloured globes, are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Hang them through the trees or above an outdoor dance floor to provide both atmosphere and light.

  • Fast flashing strobe lights and disco lights: Get the party started with lights that flash to the beat of the music, adding excitement and energy to your event.

  • Smoke machines: Enhance your lighting effects with the mesmerising addition of coloured smoke, taking your ambiance to the next level.

Don't underestimate the power of lighting. Contact our team today to discuss your lighting needs and create a truly remarkable experience in Port Macquarie, Hastings, and the Mid-North Coast.

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